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Example Report 2

Your Question: How do I repair depressions caused by soil settling under my artificial turf lawn?

Quick Answer

Apply infill sand to the depression and work it in using a brush until the depression is filled.


Infill material beneath artificial turf can become compacted, resulting in noticeable depressions. To fix this, you need some infill material (sand or crumb rubber) and a stiff brush.  Fifty-pound bags of "play sand" are available at home improvement stores and can be used as infill material. 

Apply the infill material into the depression and work it in through the artificial turf using the brush. Continue to add infill until the surface is once again uniform.

Once the depression has been leveled, add additional infill material to help to weigh the turf down and stabilize the fibers to  avoid "matting."  Leave approximately 5/8 inch (15 millimeters) of grass blade exposed.