How Does it Work?

STEP 1:  You ask us a question and pay us $1US via PayPal.

We read your question and determine if we can find an answer for you. 

STEP 1A: We may send you follow-up questions via e-mail to make sure we completely understand what you are looking for. 
STEP 2:  Within 3 business days, we send you an e-mail with the following:

    • A brief summary of what we found;
    • How long it will take to provide you a full report; and
    • What it will cost for a full report.
STEP 3:  Read our e-mail and decide if you want to purchase the full report.

If you want the full report, you pay the additional amount and receive the report e-mailed to you as a pdf file.  If you don't want the full report, you are not obligated to pay anything else.